Innovation Space

Note: the iSpace will be closed at the beginning of the year for renovations.

The Butler College Innovation Space is a 24/7 collaboration space, where Princeton innovators can advance their projects. Located in the heart of campus on the lower level of Wu Hall, it features whiteboard walls and whiteboard tables, an 80" monitor with Apple TV for presentations and collaboration, and a game room with a pool table and foosball table for "creative relaxation."  The space has also been designed to grow in response to user requests for new features and programs.

The iSpace has many features that will appeal to a broad range of students:

Convenience and Comfort - The Innovation Space is conveniently located in the center of campus, where students can easily use it between classes at the nearby academic buildings, before or after a meal in the popular Wu Dining Hall, or late at night before retiring to their dorms.  In addition to the game room and comfortable seating, the space has a print station.

Collaboration - We encourage teamwork by providing tables that can be easily reconfigured to fit your team, plenty of whiteboard space where you can brainstorm together, and our 80" monitor with Apple TV where you can project images from your devices (both Apple and other) and discuss them together. 

Responsiveness to User Needs - Like a start-up, the iSpace is designed to grow over time to serve the needs of its users. Student input is invited through monthly stakeholder dinners, a Facebook page, and a "guest book" for comments. 

Inclusion - ALL are invited to use the iSpace, whether you are a committed entrepreneur, a novice with some vague ideas, or you are merely curious and want to see what all the hype is about. The iSpace is a place where you can work on your big idea, if you already have one, or you can learn from our programming, see how others work, and try your own hand at it. We are interested in creating a welcoming space for people who might not see themselves as entrepreneurs and innovators but want to put ideas into action to make a difference!

Service - The iSpace is intended for entrepreneurs in all arenas, but we particularly encourage ventures in social entrepreneurship and design and all other forms of innovative activity.