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Photo of sitting, smiling studentHumans of Princeton
May 11, 2018 - August 31, 2018

A face alone, already inviting us to imagine the stories behind her smile. Could you guess that this person collects different types of water? Perhaps not. But read alongside the text, the face comes into new focus, and the text takes on a new expression illuminated by its visage. In this exhibit, the student group Humans of Princeton arranges polyphonies of portraiture and stories about the everyday experiences of the diverse people here at Princeton – from inspiring haircuts and moustaches to creative aspirations and social challenges – reminding us of how each Princetonian is gloriously human even when we might think we’re expected to be superhuman.   

Will Kasso Iconography of Princeton MuralButler Mural Project
March 22, 2018 - April 30, 2018

In April 2016, the University trustees adopted the Report of the Trustee Committee on Woodrow Wilson’s Legacy at Princeton, which included a recommendation that the administration make a concerted effort to diversify campus art and iconography and consider the possibility of commissioning artwork that honors those who helped make Princeton a more diverse and inclusive place or that expresses the University’s aspiration to be more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming to all members of its community.  Responding to that recommendation, in the spring of 2018, Butler College invited Will Kasso Condry, a public mural artist from Trenton, New Jersey, currently based on Middlebury, Vermont, to create a mural on a theme involving the history of Princeton and Butler College, with the active participation of Princeton students and the Butler community.  A workshop with Princeton students developing visual and textual themes for the mural was facilitated by Jennifer Herrera-Condry, Associate Director of the Anderson Freeman Resource Center, Middlebury College, on March 19, 2018, and the mural was painted over the next five days, with the participation of over thirty students, faculty, staff and community fellows.  Following its exhibition in the James S. Hall Gallery, the mural was transferred to its current location, in a hallway adjacent to classrooms on the lower level of 1976 Hall.  

Abstract image of ceramic cup or vase with swirling glazeVisions 2021: First Looks
September 2, 2017 - March 16, 2018

Every year at Princeton brings an influx of incredible new talent that we can hardly wait to showcase.  So, why wait.  For a second year, the new arrivals at Butler are preceded by their own art, greeting them and their families at move-in.  From abstraction to landscape to portraiture, protest to carnival to skateboard park, the Class of 2021 shows its chops. 



Image of colorful faceThe VIS Junior Show
April 19, 2017 - May 5, 2017

The culmination of a year of junior independent work in the Visual Arts Program, the junior show features Sandra Carpenter, Gabrielle Chen, Gabriella Chu, MacLean Collings, Logan Dziak, Imani Ford, Gabrielle Gibbons, Gwyndolyn Goldfeder, Heather Grace, Mihika Kapoor, Anhar Karim, Paulina King, Eric Li, Helen Lin, Kathleen Ma, Angélica Vielma, Mariah Wilson, Jonathan Zong, and Rachel Schwartz. 



Student drawing on gallery wallGraffiti Night
January 10, 2017 - February 3, 2017

Somewhere deep within us the urge to draw on walls lives on waiting to be released each year during Graffiti Night.  What better way to chase away the blahs of winter and the stress of Dean's Date than with pen, brush, or pastel dancing across the plane surface of the Butler gallery wall?



The InspiAd Showing Image of Young Woman in Desert Holding aloft Boulder with One Armration Wall
December 12. 2016 - April 12, 2017

Princeton students are inspired, inspiring, and sometimes in need of inspiration, perhaps especially at the end of another rigorous semester and a divisive election.  The Inspiration Wall brings together images of beauty, wonder, and irrepressible energy to galvanize our spirits. 


2020 VBagpipe player and American flag at parade.isions
September 3. 2016 - January 6, 2017

The beginning of every school year at Princeton marks the influx of incredible new talent and vision, and what better way to celebrate this than to display it.  In the spirit of the gallery's long-running Graffiti Night, we have turned over the gallery walls to the incoming class. who arrive with their parents on move-in day to find Butler already inhabited by their images of fjords and sheer cliffs, citylines and back alleys, people and pets. 


Unruly Art: TUnruly Arthe Creativity of Exceptional Children
March 30. 2015 - April 24, 2015

This exhibition celebrates art made through UnrulyArt, an art program created by MIT professor of vision and computational neuroscience, Dr. Pawan Sinha. UnrulyArt began as part of Project Prakash, a nonprofit founded by Dr. Sinha that works to provide sight-restoring surgeries to curably blind children in India, and the art program has since expanded to special education classrooms in the Boston area. The works in this exhibit were created by children with visual impairments, autism, Down’s syndrome, and other developmental disabilities, and provide a window into their unique world. 


Graffiti Night 2014-15
January 8, 2015 - January 30, 2015

It was a special reading period Graffiti Night this year, a break from the chore of studying to festively decorate the walls of James S. Hall gallery, replete with an awesome stencil of President Eisgruber!



Contemporary Collegiate:
The Fifth Anniversary of the New Butler Dorms

August 29, 2014 - November 28, 2014

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of Butler's new dorms, this exhibit presented images of their facades and public spaces as they were imagined in renderings and then realized and enjoyed by the Butler community.  The exhibit also featured images of the green roof and nostalgic photos of the dorms of old. 

Junior Show

Junior Visual Arts Program Show
April 22 - May 8, 2014

Once again, Butler was proud to exhibit the work of juniors pursuing certificates in the Visual Arts Program.  This year's show included sculpture, film, photography, and painting by Amber Stewart, April Lee, Ben Denzer, Caress Yan, Christopher St. John, Chukwunonso Okwelogu, Elise Rise, Gerardo Veltri, Jacqueline Thornton, Jane Pritchard, Kai Song-Nichols. Kemy Lin, Margaret Craycraft, Matt Rogers, Matthew Floyd, Melani Szemi, Nicolas Schmidt, and Wendy Li.


Adam Van Doren, Watercolors of Princeton
March 31 - April 17, 2014

Artist Adam Van Doren magnificently illuminates the beauty of Princeton's campus in this exhibit of watercolors.  As architect Michael Graves says in the catalogue to the exhibit: "So often, especially with watercolors, one is first impressed by technique, not by the subject itself.  One has none of that with Van Doren's work, as it gets immediately to the character of the buildings at hand.  One becomes aware through his inspired paintings that the quality of light on the Princeton campus is something that the architects and the landscape architects have worried with quite a lot over the years." 


An Installation by Chase Joynt with Mary Bryson
March 24 - 28, 2014

Artist Chase Joynt's multi-media installation, Resisterectomy, juxtaposes the narrative of trans surgeries with cancer surgeries, mastectomy and hysterectomy.  The exhibit was co-sponsored by the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies, the Society of Fellows, the LGBT Center, and the Women's Center.


6th Annual International Eye Photo Contest
March 10 - 24, 2014

For the sixth year, Princeton's talented students "framed" the experience of living, studying, and working abroad by bringing back dazzling images of the places where they had adventured and the people they met.  This year's categories consisted of "People," Abstraction," "Cityscape/Architecture," "Landscape/Nature," "innovations for Successful Societies," "Window on Eurasia," and "Global Seminar."



Liquid Landscapes: A Twenty-First Century Water Park
School of Architecture Senior Urban Studio
February 25 - March 12, 2014

This exhibition presents the work of the Fall 2013 School of Architecture Senior Urban Studio, developed in conjunction with the Faculty of Architecture at the University of São Paulo, Brazil.  After a fall break trip to São Paulo to visit its public spaces and architecture, the students designed water parks as "a new cultural and entertainment node" for the city.   



The Chair Project: Architecture Junior Independent Work Studio
February 10 - 19, 2014

After meticulously breaking down body postures and movements, junior architecture students redesigned the chair and couch.  "Throughout the history of modern architecture, furniture has served as the most concise representation of an architect's design principles. While these principles could be applied to projects at any scale, the social, material, geometric, and aesthetic forces underlying an architect's disciplinary project here find their most poignant resolution. Given the relatively small scale of the endeavor, it is the intention of the studio that each architect will produce a piece of furniture at full scale. This does not imply an uncritical return to a craft ethos (though craft as a cognitive and technical procedure is very necessary) rather it suggests a form of ‘management’ that would marry techniques and materials derived in the computational environment with material practices."


Graffiti Night

Graffiti Night 2013
December 11, 2013 - January 24, 2014

Once again, Butler students freestyled the length of the gallery walls in oils and watercolor, chalk and crayon, this time to the accompaniment of Will Kasso, a graffiti artist who has made a number of commissioned public murals in Trenton, and a DJ who, along with Kasso, is a part of S.A.G.E. Coalition, an organization that focuses on beautification projects in Trenton.



Liquid Suspension
November 11 - December 9, 2014

An exhibition of student work from the Spring 2013 Introduction to Photography classes curated by Lecturer in Visual Arts Demetrius Oliver. 





Introductory Sculpture Show
August 28, 2013 - October 28, 2013

Whereas many Visual Arts Program shows that have graced the James S. Hall gallery have exhibited the work of juniors and seniors, the opening show of the 2013-14 season presents the talented students in introductory sculpture classes. 





Invisible Pages: Visual Arts Program Junior Show
April 24, 2013 - May 10, 2013

The Program in Visual Arts presents an exhibition of work in by the Class of ’14 completing their junior year in the program. The exhibition, entitled “Invisible Pages,” will feature new work, including painting, sculptural installations, photography, prints, drawings and film/video. The student artists are: Buse Aktas, Clare Arentzen, Yuliya Barasukova, Nicholas Ellis, Jun Kuromiya, Dayna Li, Christina Maida, Julia Meng, Cara Michell, Maura O’Brien, Nicole Sato, Lauren Schwartz, Nathan Tyrell, Brady Valashinas, and Pew Wutilertcharoenwong.



Butler Photo Contest 2013
April 4, 2013 - April 17, 2013

The James S. Hall Gallery is once again delighted to once again display the works of talented Butler photographers, including photos by faculty fellows.  Winners were selected in five categories -- architecture, landscape/nature, still life, people/portrait, and diversity in the community.  This year's best in show (right) was submitted by professor of philosophy Adam Elga. 



School of Architecture Senior Undergraduate Studio - Shanghai 2012
February 15, 2013 - April 1, 2013

Senior architecture majors reconceptualize the traditional Chinese garden and design the contemporary amusement park.





Graffiti Night
December 11, 2012

Butler continues its glorious tradition of handing over the gallery walls to the people who make Butler great in a fete of self-expression through paint, pencils, and crayons. 





"art in motion"
Art Exhibition of Recent Paintings by Spomenka Aleckovic

November 13, 2012 - December 8, 2012

Spomenka Alečković, a graduate in graphic design and painting from the Academy of Arts at the University of Sarajevo, lives and works in Germany. Her work has been exhibited around the world, including galleries in New York, Paris, Frankfurt, St. Petersburg, Belgrade and Sarajevo.The current exhibition includes recent acrylic paintings which explore her version of motion. In addition, Spomenka’s work has taken the form of oil paintings, installations, performance and video art.



Fourteen '13s - The Visual Arts Junior Show
April 26, 2012 - May 6, 2012

The annual show of juniors receiving a Visual Arts certificate or completing the visual arts track in the Art and Archaeology major consists of painting, sculpture, photography, and film by Katie Brite, Bodo Büetzler, Chris Dodds, Isabel Flower, Eliot Gee, Lily Healey, Leana Hirschfeld-Kroen, Megan Karande, Polly Korbel, Charlotte Krause, John O'Neill, Laura Presenton, Sam Ritter, and Ugo Udogwu.





James Cole '12, The Quinoa Quandary: A Deconstruction of a Documentary
April 9, 2012 - April 20, 2012

This exhibition complicates the assumed quandary when world-wide demand for quinoa causes a precipitous rise in prices of a food staple that producing countries had relied upon as a source of cheap protein.  In photos and video, Cole contrasts romaniticized depictions of quinoa farming with the difficult conditions of farmers, attempting to present these contrasts "objectively" despite recognizing that it is probably impossible for him to capture the reality of his subjects except "through a first-world lens." 



Maria Cury '12, Selections from the Museum of Contemporary Culture
March 28, 2012 - April 6, 2012

This imaginative and insightful installation mimics the space of a contemporary art museum, calling itself the Museum of Contemporary Culture (MuCoCu), which seeks to "explore, explain and contextualize modern culture and all of its wonders and curiosities."  The "museum" consists of three exhibitions:

  • The Modern Cupcake.  Photos and plaster molds of cupcakes and fanciful toppings presenting what Cury describes as "a scientific analysis of the cupcake — in particular its components parts, its variability, and its physical and sensory characteristics."
  • The Women Are Menstruating.  Portraits of young women who are menstruating, with accompanying field notes.
  • Frozen Yogurt. Images of frozen yogurt creations offering "A glimpse at the visual variations of frozen yogurt and some common themes and motifs typically explored through yogurt expression.


International Eye: Fourth Annual International Photo Contest and Exhibiton
February 29, 2012 - March 25, 2012

For the third year, the James S. Hall hosts the stunning photos snapped by Princeton photographers studying and working abroad.  As always, these photos present a parade of colorful insights into the places, faces, and lifestyles of the world around us.




Graffiti Night
December 13, 2011

For a second year in a row, Butler and friends gathered together to paint, draw, splash, and paste their creative outpourings on the wall of the Butler gallery to the sounds of hot jazz and the flavors of cold Bent Spoon ice cream. 




Threads of Thespians
November 7, 2011 - December 12, 2011

Consisting of both photos of theatrical performances and actual costumes on mannequins peopling the gallery floor, this enchanting exhibit casts the spotlight on the clothing that make the character and complement the set design. 







Mohamed Flites, Blood on the Wall: Poverty and Violence in a Philadelphia Neighborhood
September 17, 2011 - November 6, 2011

Photographed by the lead janitor in Wilson College, who studied literature in Algeria before immigrating to the U.S., these pictures show the desolation and mourning but also dignity and perserverance of a neighborhood in Philadelphia as it memorializes its fallen youth.  An avid photographer for many years, Mohamed was inspired to take these photos after attending a lecture by Butler's Dean Stirk and for Writing Program lecturer Bill Westerman on documentary photography and social justice




Snow Li, Clash
April 25, 2011 - May 6, 2011

Consisting of work in ink, oil paint, oil stick, and charcoal, this show presents Snow Li's senior independent work for the Program in Visual Arts.  "The works of this exhibition," says the artist, "deal with the clash between nature and man-made structures, such as architecture, urban structures, and automobiles. My work explores how these elements combine through silhouettes, shadows, planes, and lines."




Works by the Princeton Student Design Agency
April 15, 2011 - May 12, 2011

Since its inception in 2007, the Student Design Agency, co-founded by former Butler student Andy Chen '09, has brightened the campus with professional design and raised awareness of the importance of good design in communicating messages.  The old 8 1/2 by 11 flyers prepared on the fly were replaced by artful, affordable posters designed by the talented students at the Student Design Agency for everything from event advertising to important social issues campaigns. Even University administrative offices have often turned to the Student Design Agency to communicate their messages with students.  This exhibit featured a selection of their outstanding work over the years.






Butler Photo Contest 2011
February 21, 2011 - March 13, 2011

Every year, Butler students grace the college with their amazing photos of life around Princeton and the world.  Dozens of entries were displayed this year in the gallery for all to admire.  This year's winners in each category were:

Best in Show & Black/White Category Winner: Hiro Shinn ’14 “Untitled” (pictured at right)
Life Around Princeton: Hiro Shinn ’14 “The Hedgehog & The Fox”
Princeton People: Joanna Cichomski ’13 “Game Time”
Still Life: John McSpedon ’14 “A Green Bike in France”
People/portrait: John McSpedon ’14 “A Frosty Morning”
Landscape/Nature: Allison Behringer ’12 “Indian Insect”
Architecture: Daisy Radevsky ’13 “Chasing Shadows”

International Eye 2010: Third Annual International Photo Contest and Exhibition
February 21, 2011 - March 13, 2011

The James S. Hall Gallery was proud once again to exhibit the winners of the Office of International Programs' International Eye photo contest.  These Princeton students traveling abroad for study, research, and internships learn to see the world and its people in new ways and communicate that vision with extraordinary force.  For a full slide show of all the contest winners, please visit the photo contest page on the Office of International Programs' website. 



Graffiti Night
December 14, 2010

In a magical evening, Butlerites gathered to express themselves on the gallery walls and enjoy the space as artists as well as spectators.  Antique picture frames were placed on the walls inviting students to draw inside the box or outside, using a choice of oil paints, crayons, colored pencils, chalk, and charcoal, applied by brush or with the flat of the hand.  Some creative students even applied crumpled paper giving the artwork a sculptural three-dimensionality.  The participants were fueled by ice cream and cupcakes from Bent Spoon and live jazz infused the room. A huge success all around, this happening is sure to become an annual event.



Faces and Places
October 9, 2010 - December 4, 2011

With a focus on painting, Faces and Places showcased student classwork done within the previous six months in the Visual Arts Program. Consisting of twelve works in oil and acrylic, making various explorations of narrative, portraiture, and landscape imagery, together the works embodied the depth and breadth of talent and creativity found in Princeton artists.  The artists exhibited in the show were Lex Brown '12, Megan Karande '12, Colleen McCullough '12, Leana Hirschfeld-Kroen '12, Julia Meng '13, and CinCin Fang '11.

Picture to left: "Lionhunt" by Lex Brown '11





International Eye 2009: Second Annual International Photo Contest and Exhibition
April 14, 2010 - September 5, 2010

This exhibition celebrates the creative eye of Princeton undergraduates as they attempted to capture the day-to-day realities and beauty of other countries.  Taken by Princeton undergraduates as they traveled the globe to participate in international study, internships, research, and service, the photographs offer perspectives often only visible to those who stop and stay for a while. 

The contest's judge was Andrew Moore, lecturer in visual arts in the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton.  The International Photo Context and Exhibition is sponsored by Princeton's Office of International Programs.





Karolina Brook '10, A View from the Outside
April 7, 2010 - September 5, 2010
Class of 1942 Lounge

South African native Karolina Brook '10 spent the summer prior to her senior year as an Adel Mahmoud Global Health Scholar in India and Bangladesh, studying the global health implications of cholera.  The majority of her time was spent in the hospitals in Dhaka, Bangladesh and the infamous slums of Kolkata, India observing doctors trying to implement health measures combating cholera and other diarrheal diseases. In these photos, Brook captures these end measures, as well as the living conditions that seem to breed infectious diseases such as cholera.  With an empathetic eye and a keen sense for the poignant detail, her photos not only document the squalid conditions in the Kolkata slums and the Dhaka hospital but also the dignity of their inhabitants and their moments of respite. 



Carlos Jiménez Cahua '08, Ciudad de Los Reyes
February 12, 2010 - April 3, 2010

Recent Princeton (and Butler) graduate Carlos Jiménez Cahua exhibits absorbing atmospheric, earth-tone photos of his native Lima, Peru.  An exciting new talent, Carlos has already exhibited in New York galleries, and one of his photos appeared in the Princeton University Art Museum as part of the homage to Emmet Gowin.  For more on Carlos, see his website at



Joshua Kirsch, Sympathetic Resonance: An Interactive Musical Installation
December 8, 2009 - February 5, 2010

A composite of interactive sculpture, musical instrument, and electronics, this reconfigured, supersized marimba combines art, technology, and your energy and creativity.  Joshua Kirsch graduated with honors from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2009.  His work, "Oculus," also exhibited in Princeton as part of the 2010 "Reinventing the Wheel" exhibit at the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts, and his "ACP Donor Wheel" has been a permanent fixture at the Paul Robeson Center since 2008. 

More information on Kirsch's work, including a video of "Sympathetic Resonance" in action, can be found on his website.  This exhibition was curated by Butlerite Jonathan Goh '11 and three of his classmates in VIS 392: Issues in Contemporary Art. 



Michael Smith ‘10, Pinas de Paz: Panama Art Installation
November 20, 2009 - November 22, 2009

Michael Smith ‘10’s Piñas de Paz Installation shares the experiences of a ceramic studio for at-risk gang youth in the El Chorrillo slum of Panama. The onslaught of media represented in the installation was partly produced by the youth, resulting in a semi-chaotic attack upon the viewer, reminiscent of the summer experience, their day-to-day lives, and a dark historical past.



Noah Arjomand ‘10, Last of the Beritan
October 22, 2009 - November 30, 2009

For the Gallery's opening show, Woodrow Wilson School major and aspiring photojournalist Noah Arjomand '10 examines the effects of urbanization and sedentarization on the Beritan, a nomadic Kurdish tribe in Eastern Turkey, as the Beritan split between those who "modernized" and moved to the cities and towns of the region and those who continued to practice their traditional pastoral lifestyle.  These pictures were taken in 2008 while Arjomand traveled for a year in Iran, Iraq, and Turkey.  His photo from the series, "A Plague of Locusts," also won Best in Show at the first annual "International Eye" photo contest sponsored by the Office of International Programs in 2008.  More photos and accounts of Arjomand's experiences can be found at his website Stories from Away.  



Reception and Discussion with Odili Donald Odita, New Butler Muralist
October 9, 2009

Philadelphia-based artist Odili Donald Odita presented his dynamic, colorful mural "Up and Away," which graces the stairway leading to the James S. Hall Gallery.  In his discussion, Odita told the audience that the mural consists of over 100 colors that, combined, were inspired by the green and orange walls elsewhere on the lower level of New Butler, and the forms were meant to capture the vibrating rhythms of percussive music.  The mural also featured in an article on the Princeton website, and Odita provides more insight into his creative process in an interview with the Princeton University Art Museum.  James Steward, the director of the Art Museum, introduced Odita's talk. 



Discussion with Erica Lord, Princeton University Art Museum Artist-in-Residence
September 18, 2009

A dinner conversation with contemporary Alaska Native artist Erica Lord in connection with the Princeton University Art Museum’s upcoming exhibition “Gifts from the Ancestors: Ancient Ivories from the Bering Strait” and the Princeton Arts Council’s exhibition “Dry Ice: Alaska Native Artists and the Landscape.” Erica Lord’s art explores issues of identity and displacement that she associates with the American experience and, more specifically, with the Native American experience in the Native diaspora.