Live Well, Be Well @ Butler

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Butler College Resources:

Joe Rolón, your Assistant Dean for Student Life (ADSL) 

I am here to support and enhance your time at Princeton, focusing on your non-academic priorities and concerns. I am always available, whether it be for a quick hello or a more substantial conversation. We can discuss your concerns – whether they are about yourself, a family member, friend, or roommate – including sexual health, substance use, sleep, mental health, and/or stress. My office is a judgment free zone, so we can cover topics you might otherwise be uncomfortable sharing with friends or family.

Resident College Advisors (RCAs) and Community Living Assistants (CLAs)

There are 12 RCAs at Butler, who work with first year students.  There are 3 Community Living Assistants who work with Butler upperclass students (Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors). Click through to meet our RCAs and CLAs.

RCAs are your built-in support system and they love hearing from their zees! Your RCA is interested in what you have to say, whether it's a big concern or just something small that's been nagging you.

Peer Health Advisors (PHAs)

Just like RCAs/CLAs, they provide support and referrals for other students. They also work to raise awareness, provide education, and serve as a resource for students on a wide variety of health issues, including: sexual health, sleep, stress, mental health, and substance use.

Campus-Wide Resources:

UHS, University Health Services

UHS is a fully accredited health care facility that provides quality medical, mental health and wellness services to Princeton University undergraduate and graduate students. Staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the academic year.

CPS, Counseling and Psychological Services

If you’re not sure whether counseling can help, make an appointment for an initial consultation to talk about it. There’s no obligation to continue after the first appointment, and it’s free! Call 609-258-3141 or just walk in during business hours to make an appointment for an initial 20-minute consultation. You can also schedule your initial consultation appointment online.

UMatter/Connecting Matters

Bookmark the UMatter Now mobile website on your phone's home screen for easy, on-the-spot access.  

UMatter Now has great information about mental distress, as well as alcohol and unwanted sexual encounters, that can help you intervene quickly and safely. Connecting Matters is part of the UMatter framework, and focuses on mental health distress.

Tiger Safe

Tiger Safe is Princeton’s official health and safety app for the campus community. The app features emergency contacts, crisis alerts, in-app tip reporting, location services, and a variety of health, safety and wellness resources. The app empowers you with the tools you need to be prepared, mitigate dangers and respond appropriately to situations that occur.

Tiger Safe is available to download free from iOS or Android. 

Office of Religious Life

The chaplains in the Office of Religious Life are available to provide pastoral care and spiritual counseling.  The denominational chaplains are also glad to be in pastoral conversation with you.