Student Life

You have come to Princeton to learn, but it is also your home and community, your place to live, make friends, and engage in rewarding activities outside the classroom as well as in it.  Princeton’s residential colleges represent some of the very first communities first-year students join as all first and second-year students are required to live within their assigned residential college. Some students decide to move out of the residential colleges their junior and senior years, but even students no longer living in residence retain a residential college affiliation for advising purposes until graduation.

Student life in Butler College is vibrant and engaging—Butler is so much more than a place to sleep! Common spaces throughout Butler are used for classes, performances, studying, eating, relaxing, and student organization meetings. (Some of our spaces do require reservations so you will need to contact the college office.) Tuesdays at 10pm are regular Butler College-wide study break nights sponsored by the Butler College Council and every Wednesday at 9PM we have Café Night in the dining hall for people looking for a snack and a place to study.  The amphitheater is a great place to stargaze on clear nights and Studio ’34 Café is the place to be to socialize and grab a late night snack after the dining hall is closed.

Many of the best activities offered by the college are the ones that students themselves initiate, and we have a number of standing student groups and programs that play a major role in the vitality of our community.  These include the:

If you have an idea for another regular club or activity, consider reaching out to our College Council Co-chairs or stop by the College Office and let us know!  We are very supportive of new initiatives that will enrich the Butler community. Furthermore, if you have any questions about these programs or want to talk to an adviser about any other issues related to life in Butler, please reach out to the Director of Student Life, Joe Rolón. He can help you with your questions related to health and well-being, dining, housing, and extracurricular involvement on campus.

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