1967 Hall

1967 Hall - Donated by the Class of 1967, this section of the new Butler complex houses 74 students, including 2 RCA’s. Downstairs the building houses the Studio ’34 Food Emporium and opens to café seating and gallery space in the Butler Common Area.








Bloomberg Hall

Bloomberg Hall - Emma B. Bloomberg Hall opened in 2004, and is currently home to 221 Butler undergraduates from all four classes. The building has laundry facilities and a variety of lounge and meetings spaces throughout. Six Resident Graduate Students reside on the building’s first floor. The Princeton University radio station, WPRB, broadcasts from a studio in the basement. A large, brilliantly colored drawing by renowned artist Sol LeWitt adorns the ceiling of the main arch.








Yoseloff Hall

Yoseloff Hall - Yoseloff Hall, made possible by a donation from Anthony A. Yoseloff '96 and his wife Nanar, houses 62 undergrads, including 2 RCA’s. The building has a green roof, part of the university’s sustainability initiative. A laundry room and café seating for the Butler common area are on the lower level.








Bogle Hall

Bogle Hall  – Bogle Hall, made possible by a donation from John (Jack) C. Bogle '51, houses 20 undergrads and four Resident Graduate Students, residing in two RGS suites. The building has a green roof, and the Class of 1942 Lounge is on the lower level, connected with the Butler common area.








1976 Hall

1976 Hall - Donated by the Class of 1976, this section of the new Butler dorm complex houses 52 undergraduates, and has three classrooms and a courtyard on its lower level, along with the Butler computer cluster and a laundry room. This section of the complex has a “tower” where Butler’s resident faculty member apartment is located on the top floor.







Wilf Hall

Wilf Hall - Wilf Hall, made possible by a donation from Jane and Mark Wilf ’84, houses a total of 43 students, and is a mix of upperclass rooms and Butler College housing. It is the only dorm in the new complex with student rooms on four floors.