Zachariah Sippy '23


Hello Butler! My name is Zachariah, but you can call me Zach. I currently live in Lexington, Kentucky, but I mostly grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and spent the last year living in the Pacific Northwest. (I first came to Princeton in 2018, and took a gap year 2020-2021.) 

I’m majoring in History, but I also love studying philosophy, particularly analytical jurisprudence.  Outside of the classroom, I’m involved with the Princeton Gerrymandering Project, Jewish life and The Daily Princetonian. You can often find me in the stacks at Firestone Library (where I used to work at the circulation desk), or at Murray-Dodge scarfing down cookies. I’m a big fan of hiking, cooking, podcasts, Twitter, and checking out more books than I’ll ever get a chance to read. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, especially if you want to discuss your favorite HBO drama/fantasy series!