Tiggy Menkir '18


Hi hi! My name is Tigist, but I usually go by Tiggy (like the 1960s British model Twiggy, without the w). I’m a senior in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department and I will be getting certificates in French and Global Health. I have a deep interest in languages and multicultural interactions. These interests have been enhanced by my participation in an Ethiopian dance group on campus and my role as a Fields Center peer diversity fellow. Within my major, I have a particular penchant for the emerging field of the mathematical modeling of disease. You will often find that I can talk about SIR infectious disease models for a lengthy period of time, so please do stop me if it gets to be too much :) I am also very passionate about the representation of women and minorities in STEM fields. For this reason, I lead an association for undergraduate women in STEM, which primarily provides mentorship opportunities for first year women in STEM. Feel free to join our group if you would like to be matched with an awesome sophomore or upperclasswoman in the STEM major(s) in which you have an interest, so that you may be given guidance and support. You can also reach out to me if you have any interest in independent research and study abroad. As far as research goes, I spent half of my sophomore summer investigating existing literature on mathematical models of disease and health interventions with the EEB department. The second half of the summer, I conducted a volunteer/research internship at a pediatric clinic in Roatán, Honduras. As far as study abroad goes, I studied abroad in Cambridge University for my freshmen summer and studied abroad in Oxford University this past spring semester. I am a fan of England, and will also gladly talk about anything British, most especially English breakfast teas, with anyone who is so inclined. This summer, I will be in Nigeria and Switzerland conducting my thesis research, combining both field work (surveys) and lab work (computational analysis), so if any of that sounds interesting to you, my metaphorical door is always open.