Oliver Whang '22



Hey! My name is Oliver, I'm from a small town in northern New Jersey called Mountain Lakes (we have one mountain and five lakes) and am a senior here at Princeton. I study philosophy, which means I like thinking about the Big Questions. Why are we here? What does this all mean? Are squirrels just rats with fluffy tails? What's the proper icing-to-cake ratio on a cupcake? For answers to these questions, and more, come see me in 1915 Hall, where I've lived for three out of my four years here on campus. Some of my hobbies include watching Bojack Horseman episodes for the sixth (wait, no, seventh) or eighth (wait, definitely the ninth) times, and eating Dominos pizza. I like listening to the same song on repeat all day and wearing my Tevas. One of my favorite places on campus is Princeton's radio station, WPRB, where I do the news. I've done a lot of different things on campus, and switched my major a lot of times, so don't worry about having everything figured out—finding the right friends, joining the right clubs, studying the right thing. We'll be figuring it out together!