Matthew Lazen

Director of Studies

Welcome! I am looking forward to my fifteenth year at the friendliest college at Princeton (in my humble opinion). I received my B.A. in comparative literature at Columbia followed by a Ph.D. from the Literature Program at Duke, where I studied French and Francophone literature, film, globalization, and critical theory and wrote my dissertation on contemporary French regionalism and ethnic identity. I then taught for several years in the History and Literature program at Harvard, covering the cultural and social history of not only France, but also Germany, Britain, and America, and I returned to the classroom in spring 2010 to teach a course called "Violence and Moving Images: Politics, Aesthetics, Spectatorship."  In 2016, I finished a second doctorate, this time in higher and postsecondary education at NYU.  I can be found at Butler at all hours, and I encourage you all to come up and chat with me! When I'm not at Butler, I like to catch movies, follow the news, work out at Dillon Gym, watch tv (The Daily Show and South Park are particular favorites, as was The Colbert Report), follow basketball (Go Duke!), and head in to New York to see art, music, dance, and theater or just explore different neighborhoods.