Kai Torrens '22


Hello my name is Kai Torrens, I'm a Butler PAA and senior in the physics department. I'm from Logan Utah and love to hike, read, and play board games. I'm involved with Theater Intime and TA organic chemistry. I enjoy talking with people and I'd love to hear what you are excited about or help to answer any questions you might have!

What’s a favorite memory from your first year at Princeton?
After spring finals my friends and I stayed up really late talking in the 4th floor Bloomberg common room. It's a beautiful spot, especially if it's dark outside, and it was wonderful to really get to know my friends better. In my experience, late night conversations are one of the best ways you can spend your time and are almost always worth the missed sleep.

What’s a Princeton class that has shaped the way you think and why?
Poverty in America with Professor Matthew Desmond is a wonderful class. It was especially impactful for me because it was my first exposure to ethnography. It really hit home for me that there are many types of knowledge in addition to the sort of quantitative things that I work most often with as a science major, and that they each inform us in powerful ways. The class also had a field component where students go out into the local community and do their own research. It was wonderful to get off campus every week and it also showed me that I love working with people and want to incorporate outreach as part of my scientific career.