J. Nicole Shelton

Head of Butler College

Welcome to Butler College and to Princeton University! This is my eighth year as Head of Butler College, and I am excited to get to know each of you in this wonderful community. Along with the superb staff, my hope is to help create a space that is stimulating and rewarding for each Butlerite.

I was born and spent my childhood in Virginia (my southern accent slips out when I’m tired or excited).  I studied psychology as an undergraduate at The College of William and Mary in Virginia.  I enjoyed the discipline so much that I continued studying psychology at The University of Virginia for my PhD.  Then, after deciding one had to leave Virginia at some point, I headed to The University of Michigan for a two year postdoctoral fellowship.

I have been a faculty member in the Department of Psychology since 2000. For the past several years, one area of my research has focused on the dynamics of interpersonal interactions in residential living spaces. I would love to chat with you about some of the findings over a meal in the dining hall or in the Butler College Office in Wu Hall.

When I’m not at Butler, you can find me in the classroom teaching students how situational factors can make them do irrational things (PSY 252: Introductory Social Psychology) and how to obtain and maintain the perfect relationship (PSY 327: Close Relationships).  Or, you can find me in my psychology lab working with numerous undergraduate and graduate students trying to find the best conditions to improve intergroup interactions and form as well as maintain intergroup friendships.

I very much look forward to working with each of you! Please do not hesitate to stop by my office in Butler, join me for a meal at the Butler House, or just strike up a conversation in the hallway.  If you feel a bit nervous, just ask me what I have in common with Nicole Kidman (there might be a surprise for you if you do).