Isabel Schoeman '24


Hi everyone! My name is Isabel (she/her/hers), and I'm a rising senior in the Politics department pursuing a certificate in American Studies. I'm super passionate about education equity and the environment, which is why I spend a lot of my time outside of class running Princeton's Splash conference through the Pace Center and working as an EcoRep for the Office of Sustainability. I also love to read, do puzzles, and spend time with my friends. I'm super excited to be a PAA this year because I remember how intimidating the transition to Princeton was for me, and resources like my PAA are what helped me to feel more confident and excited. I can't wait to be that resource for Butler's class of 2027!


American Studies

What's a favorite memory from your first year at Princeton?
I loved going to Thomas Sweet Ice Cream with my friends and trying out new flavors. 

What's a Princeton class that has shaped the way you think and why?
In my first semester at Princeton, I took REL264 (Religion and Reason). It was my first time ever studying philosophy and religion formally, and I learned a completely new discipline while also coming to understand and articulate my own views on religion.