Erik Zhang

Bloomberg Hall

Hi everyone! I am a PhD student in the Philosophy department. My main research interests lie in moral and political philosophy. I was born and (partially) raised in the city of Baoding in China (about a two-hour drive away from Beijing). At the age of thirteen, I moved to Vancouver, Canada with my family. After spending my teenage years on the Canadian West Coast, I attended Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, where I obtained my BA in Philosophy. Outside of my studies, I enjoy watching shows on Netflix (I can quote 30 Rock like no other), reading about the history of the US Supreme Court , listening to xiangsheng performances on YouTube (a form of traditional Chinese spoken arts), and engaging in witty banter with friends and strangers. This is my second year being an RGS, and I really hope to get to know many of you at Butler. Please do not hesitate to come up to me and strike up a conversation. I look forward to making your acquaintance!