Chioma Ugwonali '24


My name is Chioma, and I am senior from Texas majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. My relationships with other people and the ecosystem around me are the greatest sources of joy for me. That said, you might find me chatting on the paths, lounging under the sun, or attending guest lectures. (Pro tip: Take full advantage of the discussions, film screenings, panels, fitness classes, performances, etc. on campus! Some of my most enriching learning experiences have taken place outside of the classroom, and I have met so many incredible people in those spaces.) I strive to expand my perspective and take meaningful action while staying grounded in my values in order to make a positive contribution to my communities. Also, as an introvert, I enjoy my own company, but if you see me by myself and want to say hi, please feel free! I am glad to listen, answer questions about the best places to eat on Nassau, or otherwise be a point person for support.