Caroline Coen '25

Computer Science (A.B.)

Hello everyone! My name is Caroline Coen, and I'm from Pacific Grove, CA (a small town on the Central Coast a couple hours south of the Bay Area). I am majoring in Computer Science (AB) and earning certificates in Italian and Humanistic Studies. I love exploring the outdoors, a passion I pursue on campus with both Princeton Running Club and Princeton Cycling Club. I am also involved with Princeton Christian Fellowship and enjoy sharing my love of Princeton as an Orange Key Tour Guide. In my free time, I enjoy baking banana muffins and reading good books. I love hearing people's stories and am so excited to meet you this year.

Computer Science (A.B)

Italian Language and Culture, Humanistic Studies

What's a favorite memory from your first year at Princeton?
Early on during my first year at Princeton, I sat down in Whitman dining hall for dinner across from a girl I did not know. It sounds crazy, but I knew the second she smiled and introduced herself that I had found one of those lifelong college friends adults in my life had talked about.

What's a Princeton class that has shaped the way you think and why?
COS 217: Introduction to Programming Systems is the class that caused me to declare Computer Science (rather than my originally intended English). For the first time, I could understand what was functionally happening in the machine of my computer, and all of the sudden coding and computers made so much more sense to me. Thanks to that class, I know how my computer is working behind the screen, and it has made it much easier for me to troubleshoot issues with my computer when they inevitably arise.

What's your favorite place to study on campus?
Murray Dodge Hall, first floor living room