Byron T. Ahn

Assistant Professor of Linguistics in the Humanities Council
Undergraduate Faculty Representative

I arrived at Princeton last year, in the fall of 2016, to join the faculty as an assistant professor in the Linguistics Program. Shortly after my arrival, I joined the Butler community as a Faculty Fellow, and now I'm very excited to become the Faculty in Residence.

A little bit about me: I've lived in a number of places: I grew up in Washington DC, went to college in upstate NY (Cornell), went to grad school in Los Angeles (UCLA), taught English as a second language in central Japan, and had visiting assistant professor jobs in Boston and Philadelphia. In high school, I knew I was mathematically minded, enjoyed foreign languages, and liked thinking about thoughts - when I got to college and took my first linguistics class in the fall of my freshman year, I was hooked.

When I'm not feeding my addiction to linguistics, I like to spend time consuming and educating myself on pop culture (movies, music, art), cooking and eating as many different foods as I can, and traveling to new and familiar places. Lately, I've recently been trying to watch more of the traditional Hollywood classics and more queer/cult classics too - expect recurrent movie nights where we can watch them together. I'm excited to spend time with students outside of classroom/advising mode, so whenever you see me (in the dining hall, on campus, or around town) come over and say hi!