Amanuella Mengiste '18


Hello Butler!

My name is Amanuella Mengiste (or Mani for short) and I am a senior from Ethiopia. I am a Chemical and Biological Engineering major with a strong interest in chemistry. My love for chemistry is constantly kindled in the Doyle lab, where I have spent two summers and a semester doing independent work (and will do my senior thesis there!). I am a strong proponent of STEM education, and love to talk about all things science so please feel free to stop me and chat.

As a continental African, I am also very keen on all things African as reflected in my involvement with DoroBucci—Princeton’s premier African dance group, Hibir—Princeton’s only Ethiopian/Eritrean dance group, and PEESA (Princeton Ethiopian and Eritrean Students’ Association). I love talking about the wonders of my incredibly diverse continent so definitely feel free to converse with me about Ethiopia, East Africa or the entire continent. Additionally, l am also a tutor at the McGraw Center (which you should definitely visit for some course help or consultation) and an International Center leader with the Davis International Center.

Most importantly, I am always here to help if you have any questions about any resources on campus, are trying to choose classes for the upcoming semester, trying to decide your major, trying to find a good schedule or summer internship or simply if you are looking for someone to bounce ideas and thoughts off of.  I also love chatting about everything from politics to pop culture, and am a very enthusiastic twitter user/game-of-thrones fan/bibliophile/amateur photographer/space enthusiast, so really, I’d love to chat about pretty much anything and have a great budget for coffee/tea.