Paul Riley's Words of Wisdom

After 24 years of living and 2 years out of college, here are 10 nuggets of wisdom: 

  1. Stop focusing on what others think about you or your decisions—you'll soon realize that only you know what’s truly best for you
  2. Be careful with the unsolicited advice that you will inevitably come across—especially since people can sometimes project their fears or insecurities onto you
  3. Do not wait to seize opportunities or to get started—it will never be a great time to start, so why not go for it now? 
  4. Humility will take you far in life—especially as you go from being a big-shot senior to an entry level employee, first-year grad student, or a job-seeker in this competitive job market
  5. Having an attitude of gratitude will allow you to keep the highs and lows in life into the proper perspective 
  6. Your brains and skills can't account for all of your success—it took a village to get you to where you are today
  7. Always trust your gut—no matter how big or small the decision—as your first instinct is often the correct one 
  8. Be comfortable taking control of your future—you no longer need a professor's syllabus to dictate your every move 
  9. Don't trust social media with the filtered and carefully crafted images—you're likely not getting the full story or the complete picture
  10. Your goals or aspirations will likely change and evolve over the next year—embrace this uncertainty and always be willing to course correct