Sophomores - Welcome Back and Planning Ahead

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017
by aggordon

Dear Butler Sophomores,

Welcome back for Spring Semester! We hope you had a restful intersession. 

This will be an important semester for many of you since you will select your major (if you are an A.B.) and perhaps some certificates at the end of the term and you are probably looking into the many great study abroad and internship opportunities available this summer.  You can see many of the dates to keep in mind this term on the sophomore-year action plan

Now is also another good time to reflect on the three areas the sophomore page asks you consider: making academic connections, building leadership skills, and building your network.  Have you taken advantage of experiences that broaden your horizons?  Have you formed a relationship with faculty or staff who could write you recommendations or offer you a research position? 

Here are a few more specific things to consider:

  • Study Abroad.  Most deadlines for Princeton’s great summer study abroad options, such as global seminars and language programs, are coming up in the first two weeks of the semester, so now’s the time to complete those applications.  Of course, don’t forget about academic-year study abroad!
  • Majors.  You have until mid-April to finalize your choice of major as an A.B., and it is not too late to make changes to your course selection if you want to explore a new major or make sure you have fulfilled pre-requisites for one of your options.  Just be sure to run your changes by your faculty adviser or me.
  • Certificates.  A few certificates, such as Finance and Global Health and Health Policy require you to apply at the end of sophomore year.  Many have more flexible deadlines.  Learn more at ODOC’s Choosing a Certificate page and go to the Certificates page to explore specific requirements and application procedures for each program. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your faculty and peer advisers, Dean Stirk or, of course, yours truly. 


Dr. Lazen