Seniors - thesis support - fellowship support - drop deadline

Thursday, Oct 15, 2020

Dear Butler Seniors,

Welcome back from the miniature fall break – I hope you got some rest!  I’m writing with information on three items as we head into the second half of the semester:

  1. Thesis Fridays!  
  2. Fellowship opportunities
  3. Dropping courses

Read on even though this message is long, save the links for future reference, and remember to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Thesis Fridays

Writing a thesis is always hard.  Writing a thesis with your community in diaspora is even harder.  To help you make steady progress on research and writing, Butler and First Colleges will be hosting “Thesis Fridays” for the remainder of the semester on Friday afternoons.  This semester, Thesis Fridays will take several forms: 

  • Occasional practical workshops to help you keep on track.  The first one is this week, Friday 10/16 at 1pm; it’s focused on managing a large project in ways that can increase and maintain productivity.  (Zoom link: :
  • Write Togethers” will take place every subsequent Friday on zoom, a low-stress way to work around other seniors, with Butler and First RGSs there to offer support.
  • A weekly “Goal-Booster” where you can set and track your own writing and research goals.

If you commit to thesis every Friday afternoon, you’ll make real progress!  As an added incentive, every time you participate in a Thesis Friday activity, you will earn points toward a special prize: airpods or headphones.  The more Fridays you participate, the more chances to win!  

All are welcome - Thesis Friday activities are open to all seniors, across all colleges, so feel free to invite your senior thesis friends or collaborators regardless of college affiliation.  The fabulous prize, however, is restricted to Butler/First affiliates.

And don’t forget all the other fantastic support networks that are available:

And of course, I am available to talk about planning, or how your thesis is interacting with your coursework or other commitments, etc.

Fellowship opportunities

I want to be sure that you’re aware of two amazing opportunities limited to Princeton grads:

Project 55 is an alumni-sponsored program connecting Princeton graduates with public interest organizations across the US.  The fellowship is a one-year paid position that includes an alumni mentor and professional development, as well as interesting work.  For information, email Soraia Francisco at

The Dale Fellowship is another amazing Princeton-specific opportunity: Pursue your dream project after graduation!  Learn how you can earn $35,000 for a year-long independent project that will widen your experience of the world and enable personal growth in an area that’s meaningful to you; read about past Dale projects to be inspired.  There’s an info session this Friday at 4:30 (you can attend after working on your thesis!):

Finally, a reminder about dropping courses, if you’ve realized that things are too heavy this term. Since you are Super Seniors you all have a “Senior Hold” on your record.  That means that TigerHub won’t work for you, and that you need to have my approval for any and all course drops, and that we have to do it on a Course Enrollment Worksheet.  So, please take a moment to make sure that you don't have extraneous 4th or 5th course appearing on your Degree Progress report that you don't want to have there.  

If the course you want to drop is a departmental, remember that you need to get the Dept Rep's approval BEFORE I can approve the drop.  If the course you want to drop is not a departmental, just email me with the details, or schedule a time for us to talk.  I will check your degree progress and make sure that you’re good to go.  The Drop deadline is Wednesday, November 4th at 11:59pm.

Take care and please be in contact with me or(for non-academic issues) DSL Joe Rolón ( if there is anything we can do to assist.

David Stirk

Dean of Butler College

phone: 609-258-4954