Post-Midterm Advice and Some Important Dates for First Years

Tuesday, Apr 4, 2017
by aggordon

Course Offerings for the spring semester will be available on the Registrar’s site on April 6, and your advising period for course enrollment will begin Monday, April 17 and end on Friday, April 31 at 2:00pm.  I will send you more information about course enrollment in the next week, so be sure to keep an eye out for that message. 

But first, as you plan ahead for the second half of the semester, this is a good time to assess how things are going for you academically.   There’s still plenty of time in the term to make adjustments or build on the momentum you’ve already developed! 

You may want to consult the McGraw Center website to refresh your memory of the wide array of academic resources available to you there, including study halls, academic strategies workshops, peer tutoring, and individual learning strategies consultations, and the Writing Center provides invaluable assistance on writing for any class.  Be sure to talk to your professors and preceptors as well.  They are often your best academic resource!  Last but not least, your faculty adviser, Dean Stirk, and I are here to help you, as are your peer advisers.  You can always schedule an appointment with me at


Finally, here are some useful dates and information for you to know about:

·         Mid-term grades can be seen in TigerHub. (Mid-term grades are reported primarily for large 100 and 200-level courses).  

·         You may elect to drop a class or take a class Pass/D/F on TigerHub until Friday, April 14.   No course drops or grade option changes are permitted after April 14.   You should talk with your faculty adviser, Dean Stirk or me before making any changes.  You may also find it valuable to talk to your peer advisers for their perspective. 

·         If you are considering dropping a class and would become course deficient, you must come speak to me or Dean Stirk first. 

·         If you are thinking of taking a summer course not offered by Princeton, you can find a link to the pre-approval form and I would encourage you to see me to go over the pre-approval process.  You may wish to take a summer course if you have a course deficiency, want to get ahead in your coursework, want to fulfill pre-reqs, or you simply can’t get enough of learning.  


If you have any questions or concerns about academics, please don’t hesitate to contact your faculty adviser, peer adviser, myself, or Dean Stirk.

Dr. Lazen