Peer Academic Adviser Applications Due April 5

Sunday, Mar 24, 2019

Dear Butler Sophomores and Juniors,

Would you enjoy guiding freshmen and sophomores through Princeton academics next year?  Have you acquired helpful insights into course or major selection, academic opportunities, and how to succeed at Princeton that you would like to share?  If so, we invite you to become an academic peer adviser next year!

For a summary of the position’s rewards and responsibilities, please see the attached description.  Then, if you are interested in this important position, complete this online application.  Applications received by Friday, April 5 will be given first consideration.

Both ABs and BSEs are invited to become peer advisers.  In addition to advising assigned zee groups in tandem with RCAs and RGSs, Butler AB peer advisers are paired with a faculty adviser to help them counsel their freshmen advisees on course selection on September 9 and 10.  Dean Bogucki will be contacting BSE students separately to find students to serve in the BSE interactor role, which is fully compatible with serving simultaneously as peer academic adviser assigned to a zee group.

Note: You do not need to live in the Butler dorms next year to serve as a Butler peer adviser.  You remain a member of Butler College even when you move to upperclass housing.  Your college affiliation only changes if you move to one of the other four-year colleges.  Applicants who intend to do that should submit their application to the director of studies of the college where you will be living in 2019-20.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  We look forward to receiving your applications!


Dr. Lazen

Matthew Lazen, Ph.D.

Director of Studies

Butler College

Princeton University


Reception: 609-258-3474

Office: 609-258-7140