Important Advising, APF Submission, & Course Selection Information for First-Years

Wednesday, Dec 5, 2018

Dear Butler First-Years,

I’m writing to remind you that you must get your Academic Planning Forms approved by Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 2:00pm or a hold will be placed on your registration when TigerHub opens on Dec. 12 at 7:30am.  Don’t delay making an appointment with your adviser! 

Please note that it is very important that you complete and SUBMIT your APF before meeting with your adviser!  Otherwise your adviser can’t see what courses and majors you are considering andcannot approve your selection (meaning that the hold will be placed on your registration).  There are THREE STEPS to completing an APF:

  1. Select your courses in the Registrar’s Course Planner and send them to your queue.
  2. Click on “Academic Planning Form” in TigerHub and list the majors and certificates you are considering as well as providing a text update on your academic plans.
  3. Click SUBMIT.

Finally, if you have any questions about a specific course, department, or certificate that you’d like to ask a PAA, but your PAA is not in that field, please consider that you can reach out to any of the PAAs at Princeton.  The first step is to look for Butler PAAs in the field you’d like to ask about.  If you don’t find any there, you can search for relevant PAAs at any college on the PAA Network.


If you have any questions, your faculty adviser, your PAA, or I will be happy to help you out.



Dr. Lazen


Matthew Lazen, Ph.D.

Director of Studies

Butler College

Princeton University



Reception: 609-258-3474

Office: 609-258-7140