First-Year and Sophomore Info and Advice on End-of-Term Work

Wednesday, Jan 11, 2017
by aggordon

Dear Butler First-Years and Sophomores,

Below is some important information and advice on your upcoming end-of-term work. 

Dean's Date, the University deadline for the submission of all written work (except for take-home exams) is TUESDAY, January 17 at 5pm. Extensions beyond this time are normally given only for "compelling circumstances beyond your control" (such as illness or family emergencies), and must be approved by either Dr. Lazen or Dean Stirk before the deadline.  Papers may not be accepted past Dean's Date without our PRIOR approval. 

You are expected to manage your time appropriately and make every effort to complete your work on time, but if the deadline is near at hand and it looks like you can’t meet it for any reason, talk to Dr. Lazen or Dean Stirk.  You can make an appointment with me by going to

The same extension guidelines apply to the take-home exam deadline on MONDAY, January 23 at 5:00pm.  If, despite your best efforts, you cannot finish your work on time, see Dean Stirk orDr. Lazen to discuss an official extension--before the deadline has passed.  Again, deadlines cannot be altered after the fact.

The finals period is Jan. 18-28.  For all finals scheduled through the Registrar, your schedule is available on TigerHub.  Please check and recheck it to make sure that you know when you need to be at your exams! 


Finally, as you complete your papers and exams, please remember that you should NEVER, EVER violate the academic integrity rules at Princeton.  It is better to accept a disappointing grade than to compromise your own integrity and risk suspension for a year, the usual penalty for a violation (and it is always possible that your situation would warrant an extension).  If you are ever feeling desperate, talk to Dr. Lazen or Dean Stirk.  They are there to help. 

For the vast majority of you, if you exercise commonsense caution and apply the guidelines you have learned through Rights, Rules, Responsibilities, the Academic Integrity at Princetonhandbook, and the writing seminar, you will have no problem.  Here, however, are some reminders to help you avoid any mistakes:

  1.      As the Academic Integrity at Princeton handbook says, “when in doubt, cite” or ask your instructors whether a citation is needed.  (See
  2.      Remember, when paraphrasing, you must also cite your source, and be sure that you sufficiently transform the paraphrased text so that you are not inadvertently quoting without using quotation marks. 
  3.      Cite your sources as you use them and then double-check your citations before submitting your work.


If you have ANY questions or concerns about the next few weeks or just need a comforting word or good advice, please do not hesitate to send Dr. Lazen an e-mail or go see him.  Your professors, faculty advisers, peer advisers, and RCAs would also be happy to provide support and perspective

Good luck on your work!  This is a busy time, but you will all get through it fine!