Final Exams - Universal Suggestions & Reminders for Juniors and Seniors

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dear Butler Juniors and Seniors,

Here are just a few tips and reminders for the final exam period. 


Universal suggestions for the final exam period:

1. Make sure you don't miss your exam. Re-check your schedule and make sure you know the exact time and place of your exams.

2. Confirm your exam times with people you know in each course and sort out any discrepancy by checking the official schedule, available on the Registrar’s web site (

3. Test your alarm clock before your first final. Set two if you are not a “morning person.”

4. Let your roommates and friends know when your exams are and ask them to help you get up on time. (Do the same thing for them.)

5. Don't stay up all night before an exam!  9:00am exams have been missed because someone decided to “just take a quick nap” at 8:00 and woke up at noon. You’ll do better if you get some real sleep the night before.


If you miss a scheduled final exam inadvertently (e.g., you slept through it), you must report IMMEDIATELY (and definitely no later than 24 HOURS after the correctly scheduled time) to your residential college dean or director of studies. If you discover your problem after-hours on weekdays or any time during the weekend, send an e-mail to me and/or Dr. Lazen AND call Julia Aggreh, the Deputy Registrar, at once at 8-7242. ONCE during your career at Princeton you MAY be allowed to make up a missed exam at the next available 3-hour time slot, under certain conditions, including the following: 1) You have reported the missed exam immediately; 2) You have never missed a scheduled exam before; 3) You are making satisfactory progress in the course; 4) There is no evidence that you are seeking to gain advantage.  A contract must be signed and attached to the exam and is subject to approval of the instructor.  Taking advantage of this exception dishonestly will be viewed as an academic integrity violation by the Committee on Discipline and will likely lead to a separation from the University. 


If you cannot take an examination because of illness, IMMEDIATELY report to McCosh Infirmary AND contact Julia Aggreh, the Deputy Registrar, at 8-7242.  She will reschedule the exam within 24 hours of the scheduled time.  If you will have to postpone the exam longer than 24 hours, you must report to McCosh Infirmary; contact Julia Aggreh, the Deputy Registrar, at 8-7242; AND contact me ( or Dr. Lazen ( IMMEDIATELY.  Exams for the spring term approved for a long-term postponement must be taken early in the fall semester.

Rules regarding deadlines & exams can also be found in the academic regulations section of the Undergraduate Announcement

Please take note that the University take-home exam deadline is MONDAY, May 21, 2018.


Good luck on your exams, and please do not hesitate to come see us in the Butler College Office if we can be of any assistance!




Dean Stirk



David Stirk
Dean of Butler College
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