Course Enrollment Information for Rising Seniors

Thursday, Apr 16, 2020

Dear Butler Class of 2021, 

Amid all the disruptions and challenges - remember that it is once again that time of year think about course selection and enrollment in classes.  As rising seniors, this means that you’ll finally get to enroll FIRST for fall semester classes!  I’m writing now with some important information about procedures and deadlines for fall 2020 course advisement and selection.  Course Offerings for the fall is now available online. 

Be sure to complete the Departmental Academic Planning Form (DAPF) on TigerHub  prior to your advising appointment, as per the instructions below.  The DAPF is used to help departments track the progress of their concentrators, including plans for independent work.  In general, departments will be asking you to schedule a conversation or zoom meeting with your departmental director of undergraduate studies or designated academic adviser.   But procedures will vary quite a bit from department to department, so when in doubt, check with your department administrator. 

At your advising meeting, your adviser will review the courses in the Course Queue and check the box indicating approval, with added comments, if appropriate.  Departments will be able to track the completion of DAPF forms and see which courses have been approved by the faculty adviser.

Here are the instructions for using the Departmental Academic Planning Form (DAPF):

  1. The DAPF is available on Tigerhub; you can find it using the Academic Planning Form link in either the left menu or the header.
  2. Complete your DAPF and use the Course Planner to create a course queueprior to your appointment with your departmental adviser.  The DAPF asks you to provide information about academic plans for the upcoming term. The DAPF will allow you to review your degree progress by showing the departmental requirements you have completed or by linking you to the Degree Progress Report in your Academic Record.  If you have questions about departmental course requirements, please be prepared to discuss with your departmental adviser.
  3. Schedule a meeting/call with your departmental adviser to discuss your course selection plans for the coming term.   Following that meeting advisers will sign off directly on the electronic form.  Advisors also have text areas for comments.  

Note: The course selection period for juniors on TigerHub begins at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, April 20 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 22.   TigerHub reopens for dropping and adding courses during the second week of final exams to allow you to make course changes.  

And one last reminder: the drop and p/d/f selection period has been extended this year, as you’ve heard.  You’ll have until dean’s date (May 12, 2020) to finalize both decisions.  If you are thinking seriously about dropping a class, let me or your department adviser know.  I don’t want you to end up course deficient heading into senior year, and we should talk through options.  

Finally, you may have noticed in course offerings that there have been a few changes to the Gen Ed designations.  The best way to learn about them is to read the attached FAQ and summary but I will note some key points here. 

Please note that your own gen ed requirements have not changed at all - the new Cultural and Difference (CD) requirement only applies to the Class of 2024 and beyond. 

There are two alterations that do apply to you, however, both offering you benefits:

·         Some courses will, going forward, satisfy two possible requirements.  This will apply to all classes.  So, if a course is listed as “HA or LA” you can use it to satisfy either an HA or LA requirement (NOT both).  Note that this will NOT apply retroactively to previous years when that course was taught.

·         Beginning in Fall 2020, you will receive credit for any 101 language class you’ve taken at Princeton even if you didn’t take 102.  For the Classes of 2021 and beyond, this WILL apply to any 101 class you’ve taken prior to Fall 2020.


I hope that your junior independent work is progressing, and that the rest of the term goes well.   As always, I am available to give you an additional layer of advice, or to answer any questions.  Please feel free to make an appointment with me (instructions for making an appoint are below), or just email me with your question.   


All best,

Dean Stirk

PDF iconClick here for FAQs about gen ed requirements for current students.