25 + 26: Dean's Date TOMORROW and Important Info about Finals and Take-Homes

Dec. 15, 2022

Dear Butler First Years and Sophomores,

I hope that you are all taking good care as you wrap up any Dean’s Date work and prepare for the final exam period.

This message has comprehensive information about Dean’s Date and exam policies, helpfully color-coded. Please read carefully, and save this email so you’ll have the instructions if needed. 

Dean’s Date (tomorrow, December 16)

Dean’s Date is the University deadline for the submission of all written work (except for take-home exams), and is a firm deadline.  For details on extensions, please see my email from last Thursday (attached).

I am available tomorrow by appointment through my Calendly link here and  will have drop-in hours 3:30-5:30pm.  

Registrar-Scheduled Exams and Take-Home Exams: An Overview

  • Take a look at this exam comparison infographic to make sure you understand the difference between take-home exams and registrar-scheduled exams. Additional details in the color-coded subsections below—read carefully and reach out with your questions!
  • Be advised that exams cannot be rescheduled to accommodate personal travel. Short of illness or emergency (details linked below), you must be prepared to take your exams at their designated times and, as applicable, campus locations. If you have already left campus and have an in-class, registrar-scheduled exam, you must plan to return to campus to take it.

Take-Home Exams (Dec 17 - Dec 22)

Any exam not scheduled by the Registrar is a take-home exam. Take-home exams are exams conducted during the first six days of the final exam period (Dec 17–22), at a location of your choice. Faculty may permit you to self-schedule your take-home exams anytime during the take-home period (Dec 17–22) or they may designate a shorter time window to complete the exam (such as a 48-hr window).

Take-Home Exam Extensions:

Extensions on take-home exams are only given for compelling circumstances beyond a student’s control, such as illness or a personal emergency.

    • This fall, as a pilot, instructors may grant a short extension (of up to 24 hours) for compelling circumstances, without additional approval from the college dean or assistant dean for studies. Longer extensions (>24 hrs) require additional approval from me or Dean Andrews. Note that faculty may impose a grade penalty for lateness when granting extensions.

Registrar-Scheduled Final Exams (Dec 17 - Dec 23)

A registrar-scheduled final exam is a timed exam no longer than three hours long that the instructor asks the class to take at a date and time designated by the Registrar. 

Some registrar-scheduled exams are in-class and must be taken at a designated campus location; others are remote and may be taken from a location of your choice. Only the exams on this list are registrar-scheduled; make sure to verify if your exam is in a classroom or remote.

These exams cannot be rescheduled except by authorization of the deputy registrar, Justin Bronfeld ([email protected]). Please note that Registrar-scheduled final exams are not rescheduled to accommodate personal travel. Re-check your exam calendar in TigerHub now, and if you have any questions about how you’ll take an exam, ask your professor right away.

  • Please read carefully the Registrar’s  Final Exam Policy and the  Final Exam FAQs (which explain how to manage problems that could arise, like falling ill before an exam). The full undergraduate Final Exam Schedule is available on the Registrar’s website. Your personal exam schedule is on TigerHub.

Finally, a reminder to do the right thing. Don’t seek or take advantage, and if you need help, ask your professors or your dean/director of studies. Students are reminded that, according to Rights, Rules, Responsibilities:

All members of the University community are expected to be honest and straightforward in their official dealings with University processes, policies, activities, and personnel.

Questions?  When in doubt, reach out. You may reach us by calling the college office, 609-258-3474, making an appointment through my Calendly link at https://calendly.com/mlazenprinceton/advising-appointments, or by coming to drop-in hours tomorrow between 3:30 and 5:00. 

All the best,

Dr. Lazen


Matthew Lazen, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean

1976 Hall D028

Butler College

Princeton University


Appts: https://calendly.com/mlazenprinceton/advising-appointments

Reception: 609-258-3474

Office: 609-258-7140