Gabe Lipkowitz's Words of Wisdom

If you find that your academic interests are shifting while at Princeton, that is a good thing.  In our society today, young people seem increasingly pressured to choose what subjects they would like to study, and what career fields they would like to enter, before they have gained valuable experience exploring many different academic disciplines.  As an elite institution of higher learning, Princeton counteracts that close-minded attitude to personal development and learning.  At some point in your education here, you may find that you are losing interest in a subject you thought you had always liked; simultaneously, you may find yourself becoming passionate about a subject you had thought quite dull in high school.  This can be unsettling, and perhaps even scary.  Nevertheless, you shouldn't view it as something to be avoided.  A solid foundation in multiple disciplines will allow you to bring fresh perspectives to your eventual concentration. More importantly, the process of intellectual exploration is an exciting journey, and one that can be an important part of your personal growth while at Princeton.