Residential College Leadership Team

Why​ ​develop​ ​a​ ​Residential​ ​College​ ​Leadership​ ​Team?

In​ ​2016,​ ​the​ ​Task​ ​Force​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Residential​ ​College​ ​Model​ ​released​ ​a​​ ​​report​​ ​that​ ​made​ ​a number​ ​of​ ​recommendations,​ ​one​ ​of​ ​which​ ​was​ ​the​ ​establishment​ ​of​ ​a​ ​“leadership​ ​team”​ ​in each​ ​of​ ​Princeton’s​ ​residential​ ​colleges.​ ​Eventually​ ​named​ ​the​ ​Residential​ ​College​ ​Leadership Teams,​ ​or​ ​RCLTs,​ ​a​ ​main​ ​purpose​ ​of​ ​these​ ​bodies​ ​would​ ​be​ ​to​ ​provide​ ​opportunities​ ​for​ ​more collaboration​ ​among​ ​a​ ​number​ ​of​ ​peer​ ​adviser/educator​ ​groups​ ​on​ ​campus​ ​and​ ​present​ ​them​ ​as an​ ​integrated​ ​set​ ​of​ ​resources.​ ​In​ ​previous​ ​years,​ ​there​ ​has​ ​been​ ​a​ ​lack​ ​of​ ​coordination​ ​among these​ ​groups​ ​as​ ​they​ ​have​ ​tried​ ​to​ ​interface​ ​with​ ​and​ ​support​ ​students​ ​in​ ​the​ ​residential colleges.​ ​Such​ ​a​ ​lack​ ​of​ ​coordination​ ​can​ ​lead​ ​to​ ​ineffective​ ​or​ ​unfocused​ ​programming,​ ​a dilution​ ​of​ ​important​ ​core​ ​messages​ ​being​ ​delivered​ ​by​ ​the​ ​peer​ ​adviser​ ​groups​ ​and​ ​the supervising​ ​units,​ ​and​ ​a​ ​potential​ ​inability​ ​to​ ​assess​ ​and​ ​address​ ​student​ ​needs,​ ​culture,​ ​and dynamics​ ​in​ ​the​ ​colleges​ ​in​ ​a​ ​timely​ ​and​ ​nimble​ ​way.

Butler’s RCLT strives to embrace these opportunities for collaboration. Through monthly meetings, we will enhance the quality of programs being produced for students, while providing a memorable experience for Butler College residents.

Have questions for the RCLT? Please email the team at

Who makes up the Butler RCLT?

  • Gabriella Carter '22

    Gabriella Carter '22
      • Peer Career Adviser
  • Naomi Hess '22

    Naomi Hess '22
      • PAA, AccessAbility Center Fellow
  • Albert Jiang '21

    Albert Jiang '21
      • Peer Health Adviser
  • Sam Morton '22

    Sam Morton '22
      • SHARE Peer
  • Sarah Perkins '21

    Sarah Perkins '21
      • Peer Health Adviser
  • Alex Serna Castillon '21

    Alex Serna Castillon '21
      • RCA, BCC, Lewis Center of the Arts
  • Shelby Sinclair

    Shelby Sinclair
      • Resident Graduate Student
  • Abe Waserstein '21

    Abe Waserstein '21
      • Residential College Adviser