Faculty Fellows


Department                                     Email
Brittany Adamson MOL [email protected]
Byron Ahn LIN [email protected]
Mark Brynildsen CBE [email protected]
Rebecca Burdine MOL [email protected]
Eduardo Cadava ENG [email protected]
Michael Celia CEE [email protected]
Jill Dolan ENG [email protected]
Alec Dun HIS [email protected]
Harriet Flower CLA [email protected]
Joseph Fronczak HIS [email protected]
Hanna Garth ANT [email protected]
Yasaman Ghasempour ECE [email protected]
Katja Guenther HIS [email protected]
Michael Hecht CHM [email protected]
John Ikenberry SPIA [email protected]
Jennifer Johnson MAT [email protected]
Laura Kalin LIN [email protected]
Sanjeev Kulkarni Grad [email protected]
Michael Littman MAE [email protected]
Daniel Notterman MOL [email protected]
Jeff Nunokawa ENG [email protected]
Ayah Nuriddin HUM [email protected]
Elizabeth Paluck PSY [email protected]
Catherine Pena NEU [email protected]
Seth Perry REL [email protected]
J. Nicole Shelton PSY [email protected]
David Stirk AMS [email protected]
Michael Strauss AST [email protected]
Jeffrey Whetstone Lewis Center [email protected]
Leeat Yariv ECO [email protected]


Faculty Advisers

Name                                              Department                                     Email
Rebecca D. Burdine MOL [email protected]
Margot Canaday HIS [email protected]
Matias Cattaneo ORF [email protected]
Minjie Chen ECE [email protected]
Nicola Cooney SPA [email protected]
Alex Davis WRI [email protected]
Hanna Garth ANT [email protected]
Matias Iaryczower POL [email protected]
Jerelle Joseph CBE [email protected]
Alan Kaplan COS [email protected]
Shamus Khan SOC [email protected]
Sarah D. Kocher EEB [email protected]
Fenna Krienen NEU [email protected]
Michael Littman MAE [email protected]
Barbara Nagel GER [email protected]
Kelly Noonan ECO [email protected]
Jason Puchalla PHY [email protected]
Michael Reynolds NES [email protected]
Mona Singh COS [email protected]


Staff Fellows

Name Department Email
Elizabeth Badger Financial Aid [email protected]
Alison Boden Religious Life [email protected]
Vicky Bozarth PSAFE [email protected]
LaTanya Buck VPCL [email protected]
Brian Burgher ODOC RC SCAD [email protected]
Rochelle Calhoun Office of the Vice President [email protected]
Kate Coppola Career Services [email protected]
Kimberly de los Santos PACE [email protected]
Ian Deas ODUS [email protected]
Kathleen Deignan ODOC [email protected]
Mona Fixdal McGraw [email protected]
Mohamed Flites HRES [email protected]
Claire Fowler ODOC [email protected]
Gisella Gisolo Study Abroad [email protected]
Khristina Gonzalez ODOC [email protected]
Kenneth Grayson Electrical shop [email protected]
Steven Gump OIP [email protected]
Sara Howard Library [email protected]
Chad Klaus Office of the Vice President [email protected]
John Kolligian UHS [email protected]
Karl Kusserow ART [email protected]
John Luria ODOC [email protected]
Maggie Murad EHS [email protected]
Karen Richardson Admissions [email protected]
Cecily Swanson ODOC [email protected]
Donna Tatro OIT [email protected]
Mellisa Thompson ODUS [email protected]
Aniruddhan Vasudevan Humanities [email protected]

Community Fellows

Peggy Wreen
Amy Campbell
Sameer Khan