About Butler

Welcome to Butler College!  The entire staff of Butler, led by Head of College, Professor Elizabeth Armstrong, welcomes you for the 2022-2023 academic year.  For our 550 residents from all four class years, and for our juniors and seniors living in upperclass housing (all of whom retain their Butler affiliation), Butler serves as a home away from home, and the entire college staff will be working hard throughout the year to give you advice, support and assistance on virtually any concern that might arise, covering both academic and campus life matters. 

One of our central aims, beyond the layers of individual advising and support we provide, is to actively create a vibrant community of students from a vast range of diverse backgrounds, hailing from every corner of the nation and the world.  We do this by making our dining hall, our facilities, and our gathering spaces open to programming of every kind, providing an exciting living and learning environment that serves to enrich the Princeton experience in untold ways.  Much of the programming is organized by Butler students themselves, often through the great work done by the Butler College Council, who sponsor study breaks, Broadway trips, and college gatherings throughout the year.  Butler also has a staff of Residential College Assistants (RCAs), a contingent of Resident Graduate Students (RGSs), and a large group of Peer Academic Advisers (PAAs), all of whom are organizing workshops, talks, social gatherings, trips, and cultural programs throughout the year.  A resident faculty member and a dynamic Butler Fellows program bring Princeton faculty, staff, and community members into frequent contact with students in many different college settings.

Our overall goal is to provide a welcoming home to students, and to be a place where students feel like members of the Butler family as they negotiate all the rich academic and extracurricular offerings available at Princeton.  We all look forward to working with you in 2022-2023 as you take advantage of everything Princeton has to offer.  To the Class of 2026 joining us, we extend our welcome, and to all returning Butlerites, welcome back!

Prof. Elizabeth Armstrong, Head of Butler College
Rashidah Andrews, Dean
Dr. Matthew Lazen, Assistant Dean for Studies
Roln, Assistant Dean for Student LIfe
Robyn Howard, College Program Administrator
Lauren Cutrone, College Office Coordinator