Life of a Scholar: Lisa Scalice

LS dog
This summer, Dean Scalice worked on continuing development of a nominations overlay to the new academic hiring application so that departments can improve the way they review applicants.  She also is continually working on improving the experience of postdocs on campus.  At home, she’s finishing up a guest room and thinking of starting a garden. Her advice to students about classes is to try new thing and explore all that a liberal arts education has to offer even if they think they know what they want to do.  She encourages them to “meet people, argue constructively, listen actively, learn, and grow.  Life at Princeton is more than what you may think and there are some amazing experiences to be had if you pull back the curtain.” Although she had no big travel plans this summer, she went on local trips to Bryant Park in NYC, the Philadelphia Zoo with her kids, and Hershey Park. For fun, Dean Scalice likes to explore new things with her kids, hang out with friends (watching the Bachelorette), play softball, watch football, and sing. You can see a photo of her dog, Maverick, at right.