Life of a Scholar: Jeffrey Himpele

This summer This summer Professor Himpele worked on a new VizE Lab with interactive projection equipment and launched a research project using environmental, demographic and physiological data from the Philadelphia area to study — and visualize — how these factors shape human health and development. He also edited a music documentary about the adventures of the steel guitar in Hawaiian and country music. He is currently co-teaching a course on Forensic Anthropology and Epigenetics in Urban America (ANT 309), a course in which students will work hands-on with real world data to study and visualize the many conditions of health and well-being in the Philadelphia area. He encourages first year students to “get to know your professors, and share your own interests with them.” One of his best memories from college was getting involved with a professor’s research project in the Andes, where he would later go on to do his own research throughout his career. When Professor Himpele wants to get away from electronic screens, and work in general, he seeks out live music and mountain climbing.