Proud as we are of our architecture, it's the people that make Butler special.  Butler is a vibrant, diverse community composed of students, faculty, and staff who interact with each other daily both socially and academically.  Butler is one of Princeton's four-year residential colleges, where our first-years and sophomores are joined in our dorms by approximately 150 juniors and seniors as well as ten Resident Graduate Students (RGS's) and a faculty-in-residence.  In addition, Butler faculty and staff fellows can be found in the dining halls and at special events.   

Some members of the Butler community play special roles in the community.  Fifteen Residential College Advisers (RCA's) live in the dorms and provide friendly care and guidance to all students.  If you have a question about anything, they're a good place to start.  In addition, faculty advisers, AB peer advisers and BSE interactors, offer academic advice and assistance.  The College Council is the student body that organizes special social and cultural events such as our college trips to New York.  Last but not least, the College staff is available to assist you with all your questions and needs, so please don't hesitate to come see us!

College Staff

J. Nicole Shelton

J. Nicole Shelton, Head of College
  • Head of Butler College
  • 609.258.4956

David Stirk

David Stirk, Dean of Butler College
  • Dean
  • 609.258.4954

Matthew Lazen

Matthew Lazen, Director of Studies
  • Director of Studies
  • 609.258.7140

New Director of Student Life to be named soon!

  • Director of Student Life
  • 609.258.3474

Robyn Howard

Robyn Howard, College Administrator
  • College Administrator
  • 609.258.4955

Sue Giranda

Sue Giranda
  • College Secretary
  • 609.258.3474